Welcome 2013!

The black eyed peas are cooking.  That’s how you know that a new year has arrived!  🙂
The menu today:  black eyed peas, rice, and corn bread.  It’s just the 4 of us today and we’ve had enough ham lately to last us a good long while so we are sticking with peas for supper. 

The Mr and C are going to see the Hobbit this afternoon.  E and I are skipping the movie.  The last of the Lord of the Rings movies about drove me crazy so I just cannot give up 3 hours of my life for the Hobbit.  I got Downton Abbey season 1 and 2 for Christmas so I might need to take a little trip to England while they are gone this afternoon.  E is planning a big Lego building afternoon.  It’s a good start to the new year. 

I wish all of you a brilliant 2013.  I hope that it is filled with love, joy and God’s blessings for you and yours. 


One thought on “Welcome 2013!

  1. Happy New Year, friend! I want to see The Hobbit, but after the also-3-hours-long Les Miserables a couple days ago, I don't know that my rear could take sitting through it just yet. Love Downton Abbey! Enjoy your day.

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