It’s the most ugly time…of the year!

I hate this time of the year.  All the Christmas decorations have come down, the trees are bare, the grass is grey, the flower beds are dead.  Every thing is just ugly.  We don’t even get snow to cover it up and pretty it up.    Plus, I always feel such a let down after Christmas—-probably because I also think this time of year is so ugly. 
So, to make myself happy, I revert to what tends to make me the happiest—-organizing!!!   I do love me soem organization!  Baskets, boxes, clean closets…they all set my little heart pitter pattering!!!  
Tomorrow the boys head back to school which makes tomorrow the perfect time so start organizing.  Expect pics to come….
And in other news……
Downton Abbey starts tonight!!!! I am so excited.  We had friends over last night for dinner and to watch the past season’s finale to prep for the new season’s premiere.  And I am so happy I have DVR because then I can watch it without concern that the kids are going to come in and talk to me causing me to miss something important.  I accidentally saw part of a spoiler for epidsode 4 the other day.  I won’t tell you what I know but if you are a fan….HOLE  LEE COW!!!!!!!! Shocking stuff DA fans!!!! Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait—did I mention I am excited and can’t wait? 

Blessings friends!

Free John Banks!!!!


One thought on “It’s the most ugly time…of the year!

  1. Happy new year, bloggy friend!!! I, too, am in the mood for some ORGANIZING. My pantry is calling my name! Now, if I could just get everybody in my house to leave for about 2 days, I could drag everything out, paint my pantry a happy color, and get to organize away without having to worry about cooking anything. :-)I haven't watched last night's DA yet…but I'm EXCITED!!!

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