Downton Abbey!!!!!

Season 3 of Downton Abbey started last night.  1920’s England makes me happy.  🙂  And PBS showed episodes 1 and 2 back to back as one long season premiere episode.  2 hour episodes make me happy.  🙂  The only thing that is better is having it on DVD so you can watch all 9 hours back to back.  Again, I encourage you, if you have not ever watched Downton you should give it a try.  Watch the first two episodes and then if you aren’t hooked then it isn’t for you.  For those of you who already love it—what did you think of last night’s episode?   POSSIBLE SPOILERS HERE——-

Do you think Matthew will use the inheirtance money to save DA?  I accidentally saw an episode 4 spoiler so I have a suspicion of what will happen but I don’t want to tell you because it will spoil episode 4 for you.

What do you think of Edith and Lord Anthony?  I like them together.  I’ve liked him with her since the beginning even though he is older than her.  I thought her telling her father last night that his expectation for her to marry a man her age was unreasonable since all the young men she grew up with had been killed in the war was a GREAT point! 

I thought the flowers for Lavinia and Matthew’s wedding were prettier than the ones last night. 

What do you think about Ethel being a prostitute?  I wonder where the baby is, if she still has him or not. 

I like Alfred, the new footman.  I KNEW Thomas was scamming him and going to cause trouble.  Mr. G and I said that Thomas is CRAZY because we sure wouldn’t want Mrs. O’brien as an enemy!  I loved the shirt prank.  It is hard to feel sorry for Thomas when he has been such a jerk.  But I sure wish Mr. Mosley would catch a break.  He wants to work at the big house so badly. 

And if Cybil is pregnant–why didn’t she look it?  At all?  I like Thomas and Matthew being buddies. 

I wasn’t crazy about Shirley McClain.  She drove me crazy at that dinner when she was talking with her mouth full.  But I did like the scene at the end when she was talking to Robert. 

Daisy and her “strike” was funny.  And poor Mrs. Hughes!!!!   I was about ready to smack Carson every time he snapped at her. 

Oooo, and I hadn’t thought about it, until Anna brought it up—why would Vera write a letter to her next door neighbor?  Hmmm the plot thickens!!! 

Yes, I am a little invested in these people.  If you are a fan, you can understand, I am sure.   Plus the fact that there has been NOTHING on tv for the last three weeks or so makes new episodes of shows all the more interesting and exciting. 

And an update on the organization process:  today I cleaned out the freezer here in the kitchen (I don’t know what it is about freezers in our home but they truly do become the place where food goes to be forgotten and die!) Then I straightened up the pantry, the spice cabinet, and my closet.  I also got the oil changed in my car, filled it with gas, and got it washed and vacuumed.  And I went to the grocery store.  It was a busy day.  I think tomorrow I may tackle E’s room.  Pray for me!  🙂

Blessings friends!


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