The Weekend Update

Does SNL still do that? I don’t know for sure since I couldn’t tell you the last time that I watched SNL.  College maybe?  Many years ago, needless to say.
The last time I had a tooth pulled was also college, or right after.  That’s when I had my wisdom teeth out.  And like most other parts of my body 20 years ago, my mouth and gums were much better then, and apparently healed faster.  I tell you all this because I am still nursing along this extraction site.  I think maybe it was a little bit better today.    That’s what I am going with anyway. 
E had his first basketball game of the season Saturday.  And it was a yucky game.  They got beat 14 to 4.  I could tell you all the ways that the coach and the team could have done better but it is easy to coach from the stands, so I won’t. 
C had his first robotics tournament ever and his team got 4th place.  He was pretty happy with that, especially considering that the robot fell apart on Friday.  Gotta love Legos…
Well the bananas finally started turning brown so I just took 2 dozen banana snack cake muffins/cupcakes out of the oven.  They smell divine!  And I told you that the frosting was made the other day.  So, as soon as the frosting warms up and the cupcakes cool down, we are good to go!
Still working on the big kid’s costume.  Got is hat done and part of his vest cut out but didn’t have enough fabric for the front of the vest so I had to head over to Hancock’s today for another yard.  And I found it in the remnants for 85 cents.  Oh YEAH!   I paid more for a spool of thread today than I paid for the fabric.
Caught up on my DVR this afternoon.  Did you see Downton Abbey?!  I won’t say anything about it yet—I’ll save my commentary for tomorrow in case you haven’t watched it.   BUT   I found out that season 3 comes out on DVD on January 29th and I can preorder it from Amazon RIGHT NOW!!! To say that I am excited might be a bit of an understatement.  And, my birthday is at the end of the month and the Mr. has been asking me what I wanted…..I just might have an answer now!!!
In weather news, it is cold.  Like really cold, for here anyway.  I’m talking 20 degrees in the mornings.  It was 65 in my house today at 2:00.  And I hate it when I get so cold that it seems to seep into my bones.  So, even though it goes against my usual ban on it, I cranked up the thermostat a few degrees.  Shhhh, don’t tell the Mr. 
And I think that might be all that I got for today.  Hurry, go watch Downton so we can talk about it…Come on!!!
Blessings friends!


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