Siskel and Ebert won’t be calling me

My friend Rebecca and I are trying to watch the nominees for best picture before the Oscars.  We’ve already seen Lincoln, she’s already seen Argo.  The plan was to go see Les Mis BUT, it is kind of ridiculously long and there were no showings starting before noon so we were coming up against the time the kids get out of school.  So, we decided to watch “Beasts of the Southern Wild” because it is already out on DVD.  So that is what we did this morning.  And let me just tell you—we both thought it sucked.  OK, maybe sucked is too harsh, but we sure didn’t like it.  For that matter we didn’t understand it.  Maybe we are just lazy movie views but we both agreed that we don’t want to have to think sooooo much to figure out what the heck the movie is about.  Because really, we watched the whole thing, and neither of us really know what the point was or what it was really about.  There was no story.  Did I mention that it sucked?
And the little girl in it is nominated for best actress.  Ummm…yeah, I don’t get it. Apparently neither of us have what it takes to be a movie critic because this movie would NOT be a pick as one of the best movies of the year, or even as a good movie for that matter. 
Don’t go see it.  Save your money.
Lincoln was good.  Now it is not a “feel good” movie but it is interesting and I did learn a lot.  If you’re not interested in history you might want to wait for the DVD. 
I’ll let you know about the others.  I’m sure you are making your movie viewing plans based on my reviews. I won’t let you down!
Blessings friends,


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