Meal plan and some pics

The meal plan for the next week:
Crock pot flank steak
Million $ casserole
Chicken asparagus pasta
Country club chicken
Black bean tacos
Margherita paninis

The garage needed an overhaul.  There were still some storage tubs from Christmas that needed to be put up in the attic, there were some boxes from Christmas that wouldn’t fit into the garbage can so they neede to be burned, and I wanted the Mr. to put up some hooks to hang jackets, bags, etc. as well as make room for a place to leave our shoes before entering the house.  We are making the transition to a shoe free home.  Too many pieces of gravel, grass, thorns, etc are getting dragged inside. 

BEFORE.. this is right next to the door that leads from our garage into the house

AFTER….isn’t it purty?  The white shelf is to leave our “outside shoes” on, the blue bucket to the right of if is for our yard shoes, the hooks are for our bags and jackets.  I put a mat in front of the shelf where we will leave our shoes and then re-used some old throw rugs from our bathroom for in front of the door. 
BEFORE….this is the view from the door of the house, across the garage.  Those are the tubs that neede to go up in the attic and just general mess. 
AFTER….   so much better!!!


Yes, he really DOES exsist!!!!  Here he is helping to make my hooks that are now hanging on the other side of the garage. 
And, yes, sometimes he does leave the cave of his room—-at least when we make him.
Blessings friends!


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