How I celebrated Inaguaration Day

Inaguaration Day was yesterday—woohoo!!! A time to celebrate all that it means to be an American!!!

I began the celebration by viewing this week’s episode of Downton Abbey while eating a breakfast burrito and drinking coffee.  This was to recognize our overthrow of British rule and our inalienable rights to eat psuedo Mexican food for breakfast while becoming caffienated.

I then decided to give a shout out to our great American economy by selling my used Blackberry online.  While online I perused some blogs, facebook, and pinterest—celebrating our invention of the internet and our unparalleled skill at wasting time on it.

I then decided to celebrate the right to nap by dozing for about 30 minutes.  Then the REAL party of the day began…

I began the scrubbing of the bathrooms.  This was to celebrate our right to have indoor plumbing that does not resemble, or smell like, a porta-potty.  After the scrubbing of the bathrooms was completed I then moved on to the traditional sweeping and mopping of the floors while multi-tasking and also completing the washing of laundry.  I think that dispute over dirty floors was one of the reasons we left England and started the USA. 

Then to close out the day, the boys and I went to the movies (we saw The Life of Pi) to celebrate our American right to eat an ENORMOUS tub of popcorn and drink a GIGANTIC soda that we spent an equally ENORMOUS and GIGANTIC amount of money on. 

I think the founding fathers would be proud!

Blessings friends,


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