A Witch in a Tree

I don’t know why I was thinking about this other day, but I was thinking about recurring dreams that I have had at various times in my life. 
One of the dreams that I used to have when I was a kid was about a witch in a tree.  I don’t remember any details other than that but I do know where the dream came from…..

I remember having this book as a kid and reading it often.  In the story there is a witch in a tree outside of a house.  The boy and his mother are making cupcakes and the witch keeps trying to get in to get the cake.  Eventually, the boy gives her a batch of ones that burned and she is very happy because burnt cupcakes are her favorite.  I don’t know why I remember all that or why it made such an impresssion on me, except for the fact that I used to dream about it.  What is really funny to me is that I remembered what the book was about but I couldn’t remember the name of the book and I searched on Google for “witch in a tree” and it popped up.  That was amazing to me. 
Another dream that I used to have all the time was about this guy….
I posted two pics because whenever I tell someone about the “Professor” from McDonalds they look at me like I am crazy and tell me they don’t remember any professor and I must be confused.  But NO, I am NOT!!! There was a professor!! And in my nightmares, he used to chase me around and try to stick straight pins in my eyes.  Why?  I have no idea, but apparently at some point I had a terrible encounter with the McDonald’s Professor. 
As an adult, I have one recurring dream, fairly often.  I dream that I have enrolled for classes at a college and that there is one class that some how I forget to attend, but of course, I never drop.  So at the end of the semester I remember that I was enrolled in this class but it is too late to drop it, so now I am going to get an F and it will lower my gpa.  I am sure that this is some form of anxiety dream.  It is pretty much the same, every time I have it.  The only real difference I sometimes have is that I realize in the dream that I already have a degree, so it doesn’t matter if my gpa goes down or not. 
Dreams are weird….
Blessings friends,

One thought on “A Witch in a Tree

  1. Hahaha! I just asked Steve if he remembered a professor from McDonald's and neither of us would have believed you if we hadn't seen the picture. He wanted me to tell you that he would have a recurring nightmare as a child that he was getting poked in the back, and he would roll over to see who it was and it was the count from Sesame Street who would laugh evilly and then tickle torture him. Childhood characters are rough!

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