Meal Plan for Week of Feb 1

Sorry, I planned to get this published two days ago.  Time flies!

Let’s jump right in…

Friday night we had this:  Lazy Sunday Casserole  
Yes, I have posted this before.  In the last two weeks in fact.  But the family really liked it and it is super easy so it was a great Friday night supper. 

Saturday:  I had this on the menu  Mushroom Barley Soup  but my mother in law had us over for a late lunch and we were all so stuffed that no supper was necessary.  I will probably make this again later in the week since I already have all the stuff for it.

Sunday:  In the spirit of Super Bowl we had this  Chicken Taco Casserole   It is very yummy.  Even Mr. G liked it and he does not typically care for casseroles.  It was very much like chicken nachos.

Monday:  Green Chili Potato Soup  this looks sooooo good.  I think we are going to LOVE it. 

Tuesday:  Salisbury Steak  no link for this one.  Pretty much I make hamburger patties and cook them in onion brown gravy.  Serve with  mashed potatoes and peas.  Rockin’ it old school!

Wednesday:  we will be having CORN–Clean out the refrigerator night!

Thursday:  Sausage Tortellini Soup  I’ve posted this one before too.  I leave the cream cheese out but that it just personal taste. 

Blessings friends!


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