Waiting, and waiting, and waiting

I am going to say upfront that I am not a very patient person.  I’m being honest here.  I recognize my own shortcomings.  If my computer or iphone takes too long too load a page I am huffing and puffing. BUT, I do recognize that there are times that you have to wait and that recognition provides me with patience.  For example, if I am fool enough to go to the grocery store on Saturday afternoon I go with the knowledge that it is going to be crowded and I am going to be standing in line. 
However, there are some places and some waits that just drive me CRAZY!!!

I have told you about some of these before—the drop off lane at the elementary school being probably the #1 place that waiting makes me lose my mind.

Yesterday I was at a place that comes a close second—the drive thru lane at the pharmacy.  And it doesn’t matter which pharmacy because in my exeperince they are ALL the same!!!   This is my thought—if you are not dropping off and can put it in the drawer and move on in two minutes, or picking up and you can grab it and get out of the way, then you need to GO INSIDE!!!  If you need to ask a dozen questions, consult with the pharmacist, pay with three different forms of tender, etc.  then you don’t belong in the drive thru lane!!!  I find this annoying at all times but when I have a sick kid in the car moaning about how bad he feels it is even more annoying.  The sick kid in the back seat would also be the reason why I did not go inside but instead sat in my car in the drive thru lane plotting out the ways I could vent my road rage. 

The only thing that probably prevented me from harming someone and ending up in jail was the TV in the car that provided some distraction for the sick kid. Oh, and my iphone which provided some distraction for me—until it took 30 seconds to load Pinterest……and I had to wait!!!

Blessings friends!


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