Pancakes and BBQ chicken

Sorry!  I madet hise pancakes on Sunday and told some people that I would post the recipe and I forgot to include it last night.  So  here it is! 

On Pinterest, these are called “the best pancakes EVER”  Now it does take a bit of time to mix it up, Mr. G said it was “complicated” but, we all really, really liked them.  They were so much fluffier then the regular recipe that we use.  And, generally, I am not really a pancake fan but I liked these.  I did use the 3 TBS of sugar and I bumped the vanilla up to 1/2 TBS.  One batch does not make very much though, so you definitely need to double or triple the recipe.  We doubled it and we got 8 standard size (think IHOP) pancakes. 

Then I saw this on my Facebook feed this morning and I think I may need to make this with my BBQ shredded chicken that I have on the menu for later this week. 

I’m working on getting some areas of the house reorganized and re-vitalized.  I will post some pics when I have some projects done.  🙂

Blessings friends,


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