a lack of inspiration

I haven’t blogged in almost a week, and even then it was simply a list of what was on the menu for this week.  I just don’t really have much of interest to share with you.  I worked up at the elementary school four days last week.  This week is book fair so I spent 5 hours up there today and have another couple hours scheduled tomorrow.  Then I am taking the rest of the week off from subbing because I agreed to sub all next week for the music teacher. 

Yesterday, the weather was in the 70’s so Mr. G went out to start tilling up the garden and got lettuce, spinach and cabbage planted.  Since he was outside I thought it would be nice of me to go out too.  I spent my time weeding flower beds and trimming shrubs.  My hands and right forearm now bears the marks of my time with the rose bushes.  It looks a lot like I spent some time wrestling with the cats. 

Saturday all three boys were out of the house so I cleaned and did laundry.  Oh, and I made lasagna. I told you that I had nothing of interest to write about! You can’t say that you weren’t warned.

Now, I’ve given you over a week to watch the season finale of Downton Abbey.  If you haven’t watched it yet AND managed to avoid any spoilers you are amazing!  And, what the heck are you waiting for?!?!? Go watch it already!!!

Now, I have know since the beginning of the season that Matthew was going to die in a car accident.  That was the spoiler that I read (inadvertently) before the season began—but what I read said that it happened in episode 3.  But, even knowing that he was going to die, it was a really good episode.

 I am not sure how I feel about Cousin Rose.  I think she may become very annoying. 

I am very intersted to see how Edith’s new relationship plays out.  I think that the crazy wife is going to become sane and show back up to ruin everything. 

I am conflicted on how I feel about Thomas.  He is the man that we all love to hate and this season kind of made me feel sorry for him.  We also started to understand him a little and why he is so mean, and now I think I shouldn’t judge him so harshly.  Next, they are going to make O’Brien a sympathetic character!!! That might just ruin the show for me!!! I was pretty happy though when Bates said “it was her ladyship’s soap!”  LOL, Karma baby!!!!

Is Baby Sybil not one of the prettiest little babies ever?  And I loved the scene of Carson with the baby. 

I kind of hope that Dr. Clarkson continues to pursue Isobell and that they get married. 

I was so glad when Shrimpie told Robert how lucky he was to have modernized and then Robert came around to Matthew and Thomas’ plans–because he was really starting to get on my nerves!

I did not like that nasty little maid who was making the moves on Branson!  And, I really liked Mrs. Patmore’s little storyline with the shopkeeper but was glad that she didn’t want to marry him. 

Did I miss anything?  This was a great season!  I think I may have to go back to season 1, episode 1 and start over and go straight through to the end.  Season 4 doesn’t start until NEXT JANUARY!!!!! In case you hadn’t heard the latest, season 4 is supposed to pick up 6 months after Matthew’s death.  And they are currently casting for a boyfriend for Mary.  Boy, January 2014 is a looooong way away…..

Blessings friends,


2 thoughts on “a lack of inspiration

  1. I am in total denial that Matthew died. I mean–they haven't had a funeral yet… I am hoping next season opens with his eyes fluttering, and then OPENING! I know, I know–highly unlikely. But WHY did they have to kill him after the sweetest ever scene with Mary?

  2. Seriously, season 4 can't come soon enough. I agree with all your comments, especially about the Thomas one. I mean, I really hated him for a long time, and I still get a little stomachache thinking about what kind of havoc he has the potential of wreaking, but I get him more now. And it is sad. I am so sad about Matthew and I really didn't think it could get any sadder than Sybil dying. I think Edith's character wouldn't be right with a husband so something will happen to this editor. Man, you need to start a Downton Abbey recap blog because you make some great points. Good thing you have until January 2014!!!! not.

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