It’s spring cleaning time!

I know I have been falling short in the blog realm lately.  I do apologize.  I have been busier than usual. 
Just before spring break I was asked to fill in for the elementary school music teacher for a full week.  Then we jumped into spring break.  The neice and the nephew were here so it was busy.  Then when it was time for them to go home, we decided to follow them, can’t get enough cousin time!  Actually we went up to go to the traveling Titanic artifiact exhibit.  It was interesting and the kids were really engaged.  Unfortunately, all of us survived except one–well, he survived the sinking but then died an hour after being rescued.  Anyway, that person’s feelings got a little hurt when others were talking about how they all survived and he didn’t.  (Names have been omitted to protect the innocent and the crazy!)
THEN—last week when I got the kids back to school, it was time to get some spring cleaning done. 
If you do not share my OCD enjoyment of organizing then this will make no sense to you, but my closet is currently so lovely it makes me want to cry!  If you are trying to get your closet in tip top shape, I am going to tell you the secret.  You won’t believe that you must do this.  You will say that it is unnecessary and that you can get your closet clean and organized without doing this.  But I promise you, I the OCD organizer who has cleaned and reorganized her close more times than she can count, this is THE best way I have ever done it.  Are you ready? 

You have to take EVERYTHING out.  WAIT!! Keep reading!  I know it sounds nuts but let me finish.  When you take everything out it forces you to really look at every item and evaluate whether or not you want to put it back.  It gives you the chances to wipe down the shelves, vacuum, sweep, change out your hangers, etc.  Believe me, it will make all the difference.  Now, don’t take it all out at one time.  Divide your closet into sections and work one section at a time.  This is what I did…
I took out every piece of hanging clothes on MY side of the closet.  I wiped down the shelves and then started going through the clothes.  I had 4 piles—(1) consignment (2) donation (3) repair/clean.  Anything that didn’t go in one of these piles was hung back in my closet.  Before replacing in the closet I made sure that it was zipped, button, properly hung, etc.  I hung my pants together, in the section closest to the door.  Then I hung all the tops.  Pants were grouped by dress slacks, jeans, knit pants, and then summer/capri pants.  Tops I sort by color and then within each color sort by sleeve length.  In the longer/taller hanging section of my side, I placed my dresses and skirts.  I sorted these into fall/winter and spring summer–then ordered by length with shorter items at the front, longer at the back.  Once I finished with my hanging clothes, I started on Mr. G’s   I did his pants the same way but instead of organizing his shirts by color I did them by sleeve length and work/casual.  All the casual shirts are together with short sleeves at the front and long at the back.  Then work shirts the same way. 
After those two sections were done, I started on the storage cubbies in our closet.  I emptied them out and then used them to store my purses and tote bags.  The folded clothes that we had in them previously were sorted out and placed in labled bins.  Mr. G has two bins:  swimsuits and yard clothes.  I have three:  swimsuits, yard clothes, and leggings.  I also have 4 covered storage boxes on my side:  winter scarves, gloves, winter hats, holiday shirts (I have lots of Christmas tees). 
I put my dressy shoes in plastic shoe boxes (from Dollar Tree) and then labeled them.  All my everday shoes, as well as those of the 3 guys are out in the garage on shoe racks.  (I moved our shoes out there a couple of months ago because I was tired of the grass, gravel, and sticker thorns that were being dragged into the house everyday—one of the best decisions I have made!) 
The closet looks FABULOUS!
I will post pics for you.  Unfortunately, my hard drive crashed during spring break and I am still waiting for the Geek Squad to get it up and running.  Once I get it back, I will post pics for you of the closet and the garage shoe racks. 
In the meantime,
Blessings friends!


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