sugar detox day 2

Today actually seemed to be a little easier than yesterday.  I wasn’t hungry in between and didn’t need to snack at all.  I drank LOTS of water again.  I did have cravings for something sweet but I was busy all day (I cleaned house in the morning then subbed at the elementary school this afternoon) so it helped that my mind was occupied with something other than how much I wanted something sweet.
I woke up at 6 starving!  I knew that I would have time to sit down for breakfast so I grabbed a banana with my almond butter and a slice of bacon that Mr. G was frying to hold me over until I got back from dropping the kids at school. 
Once I got back and had time to fix something I made two scrambled eggs with spinach, tomatoes, a sprinkle of cheese and a little crumbled breakfast sausage.  I had lemon water since no coffee.  I cleaned all morning and didn’t feel hungry at all. 
For lunch I ate some sliced ham, cheese, a boiled egg and a green apple. 
Supper was some steak, roasted broccoli and a little polenta with cheese. And water, water, water in between. 
My bananas were verging on being too ripe so I sliced them and put them in the freezer.  Since bananas and milk are both allowed, the plan is to toss them in the blender for a “shake” or some “ice cream”
If you are thinking about doing the detox, this is what I have learned so far:
1.  You MUST plan ahead.  If you don’t plan what you are going to eat and do whatever necessary to make that plan work then it is too easy to stick processed food in your mouth.  So, if you have to have all your veggies precut and bagged, meals preplanned, whatever you need to make it work in your day to day life, do it.  Otherwise you will be tempted to grab something fast and it probably won’t be healthy.
2.  It is more expensive to eat healthy then to eat junk.  My grocery bill this week was $170. It is usually 80 to 120.  I will say that I bought a lot of meat, which is not typical.  I also had to buy a large bottle of olive oil which was $15 on it’s own!  I bought almonds and almond butter which are more costly.  Now, some stuff I won’t have to replace next week or even the following, so I expect that my total should be lower.
3.  It may take you more time in the grocery store.  it depends on what you need to buy.  Fresh produce and meat are no brainers but anything that is not in those two areas you may need to read the labels to check for hidden sugars and/or corn syrup.  for example, I wanted some vinegar for salad dressings–I first picked up rice wine vinegar and it has corn syrup in it which I wouldn’t have thought of (since it is vinegar) if I hadn’t looked at the label.  (I ended up buying apple cider vinegar)  Also, if you are buying canned veggies be sure to check the labels.  I know some store brands that I have look at contain corn syrup. 
4. Drink, drink, drink, drink your water.  And, if you are a coffee or soda drinker you might want to cut down or cut out your consumption BEFORE doing the sugar detox.  To go cold turkey on your caffeine and sugar will cause some crippling headaches. 

That’s what I’ve learned so far.  If you have done the sugar detox and have any insights or tips I would love to hear them. 

Blessings friends,


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