A world without sugar

Let me tell you right now, I just don’t know if I can live in a world like that.  Sugar and I are friends—good friends—practically sisters—conjoined twins even. 

No, I’m not hungry.  This definitely isn’t one of those diets where you go around starving all the time and feel like you’d cut somebody for an extra carrot. 

But there’s no bread, or sugar for my coffee and tea, no cake, no pie, no candy, no crackers, no potatoes, no French toast or doughnuts.  These are all good things…yummy, delicious things.  I don’t even eat them everyday but KNOWING that I can’t have them makes me want them all the more. 

I have great respect for any of you who eat a strict diet all the time, whether due to medical need or by choice.  Because it is tough.  It is tough to turn down something that looks good.  It is tough not to swing into the drive thru or pick up a pizza at the end of the day when you are tired and absolutely do not want to go home and cook. 

But, I’ve made it through day 3.  Day 3–woohooo!!! I’d better lose some dang weight at the end of this!!!

Blessings friends,


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