I know that I have been unreliable (at best) with this blogging thing lately.  I’ve been working a lot.  Gotta get those sub days in before summer vacation! 

Plus, I just don’t have much to blog about.  I’m busy but boring.

A week ago, we traveled to San Antonio for C’s state math competition.  He did awesome!  He competes in calculator and math:  calculator is taking a test, using a scientific calculator to solve the problems but he has to know all the formulas in his head.  math is taking a test, but no calculator, and the test covers all kinds of math and problems.  He competed in calculator last year, this year he got 1st place.  This is his first year competing in math and he got 9th place.  We are super proud of him.  competing in two areas was his goal for this year.  Next year’s goal is making it into the honor band.

We are getting the garden in for the summer.  Hoping it is going to be a bumper crop this year.
Working on getting the pool up and running for the summer, and looking a whole lot less like Shrek’s swamp than it is looking right now. 

Next week is the big consignment sale…I have so much work to get my stuff ready.  I’ve just been swamped with subbing and haven’t had time to get it all done.  Looking forward to the sale though!  There is always so much great stuff!

And that’s it…I told you that I was busy but boring.

Blessings friends,


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