256….two hundred fifty six…..that is the number of items that I am putting in the consignment sale this spring.  I spent 6 hours yesterday, pinning, listing in the computer, tagging, and packing it up for the sale.  Thankfully, I had already had about 1/2  the items in the computer but nothing was hung, pinned or tagged.  It took alllll day.  But I am so glad that I got it all finished yesterday rather than dragging it out.  Now all I have to do is load it all up in the swagger wagon and get it dropped off.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that every single item sells and that I get a nice sum to put up for our summer fund. 
Today, after church, I spent 2 hours mowing grass.  Then an hour making lunch/supper for us.  Yup, it has been a full and productive weekend—if not particularly interesting blog topics. 

on the menu for this week:

bulgogi beef
bean burritos
chicken soup
ground beef and mac
lettuce wraps

Blessings friends,


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