Sugar Detox is OVER!!!

The 21 days is over—and it was not as bad as I expected it to be—-and I would do it again.  In fact, I learned a lot during the 21 days that I hope to carry forward. 
What I learned:
I/we eat soooo much sugar without even knowing it.  It is in everything just about. 

Planning is everything!!  If you are thinking about changing what you eat then you have to plan every meal and every snack.  You have to wash and cut your fruit and veggies.  Have everything ready to grab.  If it is ready to grab then you are more likely to eat good stuff instead of junk.

I realized that a lot of the junk that I would eat was out of convenience.  For example, it is super easy to grab a sandwich at lunch, but with a little planning I could get something healthier and that wasn’t processed or have hidden sugar. 

Bananas that are sliced and frozen taste like ice cream when you whirl them up in the blender. 

From day 1, I wasn’t hungry but I had crazy cravings for sweet stuff through the whole first week.  The thing that I probably missed most was my coffee in the morning.  BUT, after a couple of days I didn’t miss it anymore and in fact I had some with my usual sugar and cream yesterday and I didn’t enjoy it like I used to.

Water will become your best friend.  At first, it will feel like all you do is drink, drink, drink, but then after a couple of days you will WANT all that water and in fact miss it if you aren’t drinking it all

I don’t mind unsweetened herbal teas.  Red zinger and lemon are my faves. 

Keep temptations out of the house. 

The whole thing will be easier if you can get your family on board.  Then you aren’t tempted by the stuff they are eating that you can’t.  Although, my boys were still eating bread and after a couple of days I didn’t have any trouble turning it down—not even the fresh rolls when we went out to eat!

I am no longer sugar free but I am definitely working to stay low sugar.  And low processed foods.  I am still sticking with my scrambled eggs for breakfast, herbal teas, and my frozen banana “ice cream.” 

If you have been thinking about trying the detox but have been nervous about it–you should give it a shot.  Truly, if a sugar fiend like me can do it, you can!  If you have any questions about the detox, ask me.  I’d be happy to share any info I have with you. 

Blessings friends!


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