The Summer Countdown

The kids have 21 days left of school.  I am not sure who is more excited, me or them.  I cannot WAIT for school to be over!!!  Let me tell you why….
1.  I hate packing lunches.  Let’s be real here—I only pack one lunch daily—E’s.  C packs his own lunch.  I have to pack something for myself only when I sub.  It doesn’t matter, I hate packing lunches.  Hate it.  Yes, it only takes about 5 minutes but for some reason it is a beat down to me every day.
2.  My youngest is not a get up and leave the house early morning kind of person.  He is an early riser–he wakes up on his own every morning by 6:30—he just doesn’t want to get dressed, eat breakfast, or leave the house until about 9.  Which means that there is a struggle of some sort every morning. 
3.  Homework is of the devil!!! Again, it doesn’t generally take very long but the weeping, the whining, the battle….ugh, it kills me!!!
4.  The pick up/drop off lane…I ‘ve blogged about this before and won’t rehash it here.  Let’s just say, it raises my blood pressure.

what I am not ready for…
my baby to move to 3rd grade!!! At the intermediate school and my oldest baby to move to 8th grade!!!! That means in a year he will go to high school!!!! AGH!!!! Maybe I’m not so ready for summer after all….
Blessings friends,


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