the BEST pencil sharpener EVER

OK, this may seem like a weird post, but if you are a teacher you KNOW how important a pencil sharpener is in your classroom. 
This is it…..
Firehouse Red
And this is where you can get it…..
Now let me tell you about it….
This pencil sharpener was invented by a teacher.  It is quiet, easy to use, and results in a super duper sharp pencil.  I got a free one to try out at home and I LOVE it.  Every day homework time has improved because we don’t waste five minutes trying to get a pencil sharpened.  Every teacher in my kid’s school got one of these babies.  That’s what they spent a big chunk of their Box Tops for Education money on this year—these pencil sharpeners.  (If that doesn’t tell you how awesome this little puppy is, I don’t know what will).  Those little black clamps up on top?  they hold the pencil in place and they pop the metal plate flush against the sharpener when the pencil is all set.  Three cranks is usually good enough to get your pencil ready to go.  I am telling you, if you are a teacher, a parent who has to do homework with kids, a homeschooling parent, or just someone who has to sharpen pencils….BUY THIS!!! You won’t regret it! 
I promise!

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