Exercise STINKS!

You know those friends you have on Facebook—the ones that post about their exercise habits all the time?  You know what I mean, things like this…

I just finished running 8 miles!!! I feel fantastic!!!

Up at 4 a.m. for boot camp!!! What a GREAT way to start my day!!!

Just finished an 8 hour Zumba marathon—OMG it was so much fun!!! Can’t wait for the next one!!

You’ve got some of those friends right?  Yeah—I am not that friend. 

I don’t run, unless I’m being chased, by a zombie, with a knife, and a chainsaw….

Up at 4 a.m.?!  Ummmm, not unless someone is giving me a whole lot of money.  I don’t get up before the son.

8 hours of exercise—WHY?

I’m working with my doctor on my weight.  Since I turned 40 I have gained about 25 pounds, that despite my best efforts I have been unable to drop.  And I hate it.  I hate the way that I look.  I hate the way my clothes fit.  I hate the way I feel.  So, I talked to my doctor about it.  My doc is great and she individualizes plans for each patient.  But, part of the program, is exercise.  I have to do a minimum of 45 minutes 4x a week.  And it’s gotta be aerobic.  I have to move my arms and my legs.  I have to get my heart rate up and work up a sweat.  And I hate every single minute of it. 
And it doesn’t matter what I am doing…walking on the treadmill, doing an exercise video, taking a class….doesn’t matter… I can’t wait for it to be over.  In fact, I set a timer so I can see the time tick down.  I don’t get endorphins, I don’t feel great once I push through “the wall”, the only thing that keeps me going is watching the time tick down.  I can’t wait to stop!
Now, I will say…I can tell that my stamina is higher then when I started, I can tell that my body is changing, and I have lost weight.  Those are all great things.  I love the results—-but I sure hate the process. 

I envy those people who love to exercise…who think it is fun, look forward to it, and feel it is a vital part of their life every day.  I assume these people do not spend a lot of time watching the Real Housewives or playing Candy Crush.  Unfortunately, I am in the RH and CC group and not the exercise group.  So I dread and hate my 45 minutes every day… but I doing…by sheer willpower….

Maybe I ought to hire a zombie to motivate me…..

Blessings friends,


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