In the sum, sum, summer time

The kids are out of school!!! Whoohooo!!! I am so glad to be done with school.  I may be more excited than they are about it.  No more homework, no lunches to pack, no folders to sign, no morning rush, no moms I want to strangle in the drop off lane.  Summer is good!

In an effort to keep my children from (a) killing each other (b) playing video games until their eyeballs fall out (c) watching tv until their brains melt and finally, most importantly, (d) from driving me crazy–we have a summer schedule.
I found something like this on Pinterest and adapted it slightly to fit our needs. 

Make it Monday—this is the day that we will do an art or craft project.  This week we made suncatchers out of pony beads that we melted in the oven.  (saw this on Pinterest too)  They spent a long time figuring out and creating their designs.   And they came out really cute. 

Take a Trip Tuesday—we go somewhere.  This happens to coincide with the summer movie programs so we most Tuesdays we will probably go to a movie, but it could also mean lunch, a playdate, bowling, etc. This week we went and saw Epic.

Wacky Wednesday—-this is going to be something a little messy and crazy.  Yesterday we made flubber.  I gave each boy his own bowl to make his own batch of flubber.  They loved it.

Thinking Thursday—this is our day to go to the library and practice skills to keep our brains working.

Fun Friday—I let left this one for the kids to choose the activity. I don’t know yet what they have planned for tomorrow.

Our daily schedule includes them getting their daily chores done, quiet and reading time, active time (usually going swimming).  During the quiet time they have to be in separate rooms so that they have some time alone—hopefully to minimize squabbles resulting from too much time together. 
Additionally, we will be going to church one day of the week for the daily service. 

So far, they have had a great week.  They have had some squabbles but mostly they have gotten along great and played well together.  Although, today they did seem to be getting on each others nerves a little bit more then they have been previously.  But that is to be expected. 

Do you plan out your days for summer? 



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