Is this weird? or is it just me?

I had to go to the Walmart today.  And yes, that is part of the weird part.  You know I don’t much care for the Walmart because it is crazy, and crowded, and the customer service stinks.  But, I had bought this patio chair cushions that ended up being too narrow for the chairs and I had to return them. 
So I get in line at returns.  There is one guy in front of me and no one behind me.  Then this woman comes up, pushing a cart.  And she doesn’t get in line behind me.  She stands NEXT to me.  Now that’s weird right?  I mean, the guy is at the register, I am standing behind him–with my arms full of patio cushions, it’s obvious this is a line right?  And no, she didn’t try to cut in front of me when it was my turn.  She just lined up–next to me—come on, you think it is weird too, don’t you?

Well, after the return of the cushions, the boys and I couldn’t find another set to fit what we needed so we headed to Lowes.  I think my face melted off.  It is so dang hot and I don’t think any air was moving in their garden area.  I pretty sure I would die if I had to work there.  And after having my face melt off, I still didn’t find any cushions.  Maybe I’m crazy, or just cheap, but I am not going to spend $25 each for 3 cushions and then still need to get three more for the back of the chair.  $150 seems a bit excessive for my outdoor furniture cushion needs.  What do you think?

After that we just had to go home, cushionless and faceless ( you know, because it melted off at Lowes)  It was at this point that my children decided to begin to subject me to the torture of the Disney Channel’s teenie bopper shows.  I can only take so much Austin and Ally, Dog with a Blog, and Jessie before I have to either change the channel, turn off the tv, and/or send them to another room.  Again, is it just me, or do all these shows seem the same? And all are annoying!!!

It’s a good thing that my kids like HGTV, Food Network and Discovery channel otherwise we might never be able to be in the same room together.  Ugh!  I can only take so much of the sassy, shrieking teen agers on these shows.  Not to mention the formulaic, predictable plots.  And does EVERYONE on a Disney show have to be a singer?  At the risk of sounding like an old lady–I miss Scooby Doo and The Flintstones.  I made the kids watch the Brady Bunch the other night.  E was interested, C not so much.  Hey! If I have to watch their teenie bopper shows then they have to watch mine!  Besides, mine are better.

Blessings friends!


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