Be productive! NOT!!!

The boys and I were up bright and early because we had to drop the dog at the groomer’s at 7:30.  We headed out just before 7 to stop at a couple of yard sales along the way.  Nothin’…we found not a thing.  Sadness…
So we dropped the dog, went to another garage sale—and found nothing–and went to the other Walmart here in town.  I’m still looking for those patio cushions.  I struck out there too.
What is it about having some money to spend that makes everything look unappealing?  But when you have no money you can’t count the items you’d like to buy because there are so many?  The universe is so confusing.

So we swung by one more sale on the way home.  E found 2 PSP games for $2 each and I figured $4 was a pretty good deal for a little time to myself while he played the new games. 

Now, when we got home at 8:15 the plan was to clean house.  So far I have put a load of towels into the washer, loaded the dishwasher, eaten some yogurt, and played 5 rounds of Candy Crush.  I am currently waiting for my lives to reload on Candy Crush.  Yeah, unless you count my failing 5 more times at level 79 of Candy Crush, I haven’t gotten much accomplished in the last hour and a half.  And while we are on the subject, it is SO WRONG that I have to wait for my lives to reload!!!! It is just an evil plan to keep me from conquering the game.  And I REFUSE to pay money to get more lives!  I don’t care if I am 1 tile away from beating the level.  Although if I had more lives I might never get off the couch.

Yesterday the boys and I swung by the library and I picked up the latest Patricia Cornwell book about Kay Scarpetta.  Have you read these?  Mr. G and I loved the series when they first started but the last 4 books have been pretty disappointing.  This one is better.  I got half way through it last night before I decided 11:00 was a good time to stop and go to bed.  So now I am debating—clean bathrooms and mop floors? Or read some more of the book?  Hmmm….I live with boys so they could care less if the house is clean or not….I think I will play some Candy Crush while I decide what to do with the rest of my day. 🙂

Blessings friends!


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