Summer storms

Yesterday nothing seemed to be going my way.

In the afternoon, the kids were squabbling with each other, so I made both of them come out in the backyard with me to move some things around, clean up the porch, etc.  It was HOT!! And steamy.  After about 30 minutes of this, they were sufficiently uncomfortable to go back inside and not irritate each other.  I, however, decided that I would go ahead and mow the back yard.  We have been blessed with an abundance of rain this month and I can’t stand for the grass to get overgrown.  Especially when we are walking back and forth to the pool everyday and tromping through the grass makes me itchy. 

Anywhoo, I started mowing and was listening to a podcast when a bad thing happened.  The grass was pretty high and I did not see the chain that SOMEONE (who shall remain nameless) had left laying in the yard.  It, of course, got wrapped around the lawn mower blade.  There is NO way for me to remove it so I had to stop mowing (obviously) and come in to call the place that does the annual service on the mower for us.  They can’t come out and get it until tomorrow morning. 😦 
Meanwhile, I have a half mowed back yard. 

In my infinite wisdom, I called my mother in law and asked if my father in law could drop off his mower (regular mower not riding like ours)  Yes, this would be a whole lot more work on my part, but I figured it would be good exercise and it wouldn’t kill me.  If just so happened that he was headed our way so he dropped it by soon after I talked to her.  Would you believe I couldn’t get it to mow?  I am still not sure what I was doing wrong, because I got it started and seemed to be doing everything right but the blade wouldn’t engage. 

About this time, Mr. G got home.  He was not on board with my plan to finish the yard with the push mower but he went ahead and looked at the mower to see what the problem was.  Meanwhile, E was DYING to get in the pool, but couldn’t because there were “too many bugs floating around”.  So I got in the pool to skim while Mr. G got the mower working.  He was mowing along and E and I were in the pool about 10 minutes and it got dark, then darker, then darker.  We all headed inside because it was obvious a storm was headed our way.  Within 15 minutes of getting inside it was pouring.  And I don’t mean a regular hard rain, I mean it was raining so hard that we couldn’t see the back yard through the windows.  I even had to put towels along the front and back door sills because the wind was pushing the rain in under the doors. 

We lost power for about 2 1/2 hours.  The kids acted life the world was ending!  Finally, about 9 the power came back on and we got a chance to see the news.  It was crazy!!! roofs and windows blown in, power lines snapped in half, 75 mph winds and up to five inches of rain!!!  We were very, very blessed.  We have lots of limbs down in the front and back, two parts of our fence got blown in by the wind, and the arbor to the garden got knocked down.   However, many people, even in our neighborhood, had much worse damage.  Here’s some pics and video of what we saw today when we went out to run errands. 



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