Last week, the Mr. took a day off and the 4 of us spent the morning putting mulch in all the flower beds and a large portion of the garden.  The kids were not thrilled with this project.  I don’t blame them…it was hot, and dusty, and dirty.  It wasn’t fun.  But, the Mr. and I were talking about how it is important to us that the boys develop a strong work ethic.  And that they chip in and help out even when the job is not fun. 
Yesterday, they helped the Mr. repair the fence that the storm on Monday knocked down.  The three of them poured the concrete into the holes and set the fence posts.  Today, they attached the fence to the new posts.  Again, not a fun job.  It was hot, and crazy windy, and hard work.  But, they didn’t complain—and they were helpful.  Both are good signs. 

While the boys were all working on the fence, I was busy spray painting some different I had gotten for the garden at different garage sales.  I was also potting plants and cleaning up the porch.  I am going to take pictures and post them for you tomorrow. 

You know one of my favorite things about Sunday?  I make breakfast and I make “lupper” late lunch/early supper.  By 3 or 4:00 everyone is fed and the kitchen is all cleaned up—I love that!  I would feed the family “lupper” every night if I could. Speaking of…we are entering the zuchinni days of summer. So today, I tried a new recipe for zuchinni “fries”.  They are baked in the oven so no frying.  And they were so good!!! We all loved them—this may be our new “go to” zuchinni recipe. 

Baked zucchini fries recipe

Give them a try—I bet you like them

Blessings friends,


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