Some pics from the garden

love my metal turtle plant holder.  Please ignore the over grown grass around him and the currently sad looking plant in him

I don’t know what this metal stand originally was but I painted it blue and added colorful pots

I made the bowl in pottery a couple of years ago.  Also the little lady

Our “new” potting table in the corner of the garden (it’s a work in progress)
Our pony bead sun catchers

pony bead sun catcher—E wants to make more now to deck out the tree

Saw something like this on pinterest.  Got the little watering can at a garage sale and added clear beads to make it look like water pouring out

had the stand, just added pink spray paint and the pot of petunias and potato vine

got these blue/green insulators at a garage sale for a quarter a piece! and the old moonshine jug. 

Love a galvanized tub or bucket.  This one is filled with petunia vines

can’t get anymore shabby chic then this little angel, her sign in her hand says “whatever”

we’ve had lots of rain so we have mushrooms popping up in the back yard.  E found this one that looked like a flower!

More insulators, a humming bird feed and look at my little metal kitty cat!  I gave him a shot of green spray paint

got the chiminea for $5 because it is cracked, but who cares when it looks so cute in the garden.  And the metal chicken is kind of hard to see because of the color but I love him too.  I want to paint him but Mr. G says he looks better rusty

Love this and want a whole row of them behind the deck, this one came up volunteer next to the fire pit

I’ll have a few more pics for you later in the week.  Mr. G needs to get the drill out and hang some stuff on the porch for me.  🙂

Blessings friends,


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