I may have told you before that the Mr. travels regularly at least once a month.  Usually, we (the boys and I stay home).  But during the summer time we tag along and pretend we are on vacation. 
Last week Mr. G had to go to Oklahoma City for a meeting. 
The plan was to go to the science museum while dad was in his meeting.  Then the boys decided that they would rather go see Monsters University.  THEN once we actually got to OKC they decided that they would rather just stay at the hotel. 
I went down to the fitness room to get my 45 minutes exercise in and then took E to the pool.

He had a great time.  We were the only ones there.  The pool was one of those that is indoor/outdoor so he had fun swimming under the divider and going between the two.  He was a little bored/bummed that big brother wouldn’t come down and swim.  (Big bro is being a teenager these days.)
In the evening, since they had decided to hang out at the hotel, Mr. G and I decided to surprise them with a supper at Dave and Busters.  For those of you who may not be familiar, Dave and Buster is a restaurant that also has a HUGE arcade.  This is a place that parents don’t mind eating (unlike Chuck E Cheese) and kids have a great time.  We stayed for three hours!!! We won tons of tickets and E got some new friends…

And that was it…this week we have cousins visiting for the 4th of July.  Yesterday the two little ones E and my niece Miss Z, did an art project, did a science project, played legos and swam a little bit.  Summer is extra fun when you have a playmate or two to hang out with…. 🙂
Tomorrow we are making some fun cookies and cupcakes for the 4th.  Pics to come.
Blessings friends,

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