Summer is tiring!

I know that I told you that we would be organizing and cleaning on Monday and that I would post some pics.  But, we are tired!  Last week was packed full and the weekend was overflowing!

 So yesterday, instead of cleaning and organizing, we did some super important errands—we had to get to the library to return some books and pick up some others that we had requested; we had to go to the bank, the car wash, and fill the 5 gallon water tanks for our dispenser.  Oh, and we had to get to the grocery store.  That was actually the most important one because we had no food—well, we had canned food but you know we were missing things like milk, eggs, bread, fruit.  Just the stuff we eat every day.  🙂 

And ramen noodles.  which in my kids’ minds are the MOST important thing!  Seriously, they are so ready for college because they could eat ramen for every meal, day after day.  They ate it for breakfast this morning!!!! I know—its gross.

I also ran by Lowes and picked up five gallons of paint.  Mr. G and I are gearing up to repaint the living room, foyer, and office.  All of which are currently chocolate brown.  It has taken me three tries but I finally decided on a color, it is a pale gray color.  I think it will go great with the blue and yellow I already have in the house.  I’m not sure when we are going to start painting, but we had to get the paint yesterday because it was the last day to get the rebate on the paint.  I’ll post a pic when we get this project done.

Anyway, after running all our errands we headed home so I could do 4 loads of laundry.  After that I was pretty done for the day.  The guys were lucky that I got it together to make tacos for supper. 

Today hasn’t been much better.  I did make beds, I worked out, took the kids for a swim, and made lunch.  I’m rolling around the idea of making some bread and possibly cleaning my bathroom.  Or, not….we’ll see.  Once we get something of interest done, I’ll take a pic for ya. 

Blessings friends,


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