French bread

Today my assistant (E) and I made French Bread as a possible fair entry in the “yeast loaf—white” category. 
Here is our finished product….


And here is the recipe  (before I forget)
This was good.  It was crusty on the outside, but not so chewy that your jaws were getting a work out.  Nice and soft on the inside.  It would have been great buttered but I stuck with plain since I’m counting calories and each one matters!  I got two loaves out of the batch.  I brushed olive oil on top before baking and on this one I sprinkled a little kosher salt on top.  The Mr. liked the salt on top but I would probably leave it off next time because I thought it was too salty.  I think is a contender for a fair entry. 
In other news,  look who got their new glasses today….
They took this of themselves while I was making dinner.  They are pretty pleased with their new specs.  🙂
Don’t know what is up for tomorrow’s baking.  E wanted to try out some brownies but I don’t know if I have enough cocoa powder for that. 
Blessings friends!


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