Cookies and corn bread

Sorry,  I know that I said I would be working on a recipe a day.  Things got busy around here! 
Wednesday I did the work of five men, or one mom!  I cleaned house, did laundry, worked out, weeded the flower beds in our front yard, mowed the front and back yards, cleaned the pool and made lunch!  I was worn out come 5:00 and there was going to be no time or energy to bake anything or post on the blog. 

So, you get two recipes today!  One I made yesterday and one I made today for lunch. 

Up first sugar cookies!  The recipe can be found here.
There are a  million sugar cookie recipes out there but I had seen this one some time ago and just hadn’t given in a try.  This one is really good, and they even seem better the day after they are baked.  I would make a couple of changes though.  1st, the recipe says to but the baked cookies in the fridge and chill them before icing them and then serve immediately.  The guys and I each tried one cookie this way and we didn’t care for them.  The cookies were really hard and crunchy after being in the fridge.  And I’ve told you before that my boys don’t care for crunchy cookies.  I had only put a few in the fridge, so we tried another cookie that hadn’t been chilled and we liked these MUCH better.  Unchilled they are soft and the taste of the cookie seems to come through more than when they are cold.  Today they are still nice and chewy and soft.  I went ahead and iced them all and they are still great. 
The other thing I would change is the frosting recipe.  It calls for 2 pounds of powdered sugar and 1/4 cup of milk.  Now, if you have ever made frosting you know that is a HUGE amount of liquid for a frosting recipe!  After reading that I did not follow the directions.  Instead, I creamed the butter and sour cream together and then I added in powdered sugar until it was the right consistency (I probably ended up using about 3/4 of a pound).  I had more then enough to frost all my cookies and still had left over frosting–probably enough for another dozen cookies.  I can’t imagine how much frosting I would have left over if I had followed the recipe!!!  This does make a lot of cookies.  I got 5 dozen out of the recipe and they are big cookies!
One last thing, the recipe said to bake for 8 minutes until they were just starting to brown at the edges.  My cookies took 12 minutes to reach this stage.  Just keep checking on them
Definitely recommend this one for you to try out.  🙂

Next is honey cornbread.  The recipe is here.
My boys looooove corn bread.  I like it BUT it has to be moist and I like it to be kind of sweet.  This one fits the bill in both areas.  it has a nice sweetness but doesn’t taste like honey and it is moist.  Despite checking with a toothpick, mine was still a little underdone right in the center so I would probably bake it for another 5 minutes or so.  The boys really liked it and it even met my picky standards. 

Blessings friends!


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