Goodbye chocolate! Hello rain drop!!!

I’ve posted pics of our living room before.  But I don’t want to look for any of them now.  So here is a pic of the chocolate colored walls before we started priming them.
Let me back up a second.  Tuesday, I took everything off the walls, filled all the nail holes, and swept and washed down the walls.
Wednesday, I painted all the trim—two coats of white.
Thursday, the Mr. was back in town so we did all the taping off.  Then we started priming.
Two coats of primer—on the living room, entry way, area around the coat closet and the hallway from the garage.  After the day we spent priming over the red in the family room back in the fall, and then priming over all of this brown—it is going to be one heck of a wonderful color to ever get me to paint another room a dark color.  We started working on the taping off at 7:00 on Thursday morning.  We weren’t done until 5:00 p.m.  My back and hips and arms were so dang sore!   And we still didn’t have any paint on the walls!!!
Friday we were up and at it at 7:00 again.  We thought we would be done by noon.  Hahahahahaha! I’m not sure if we are crazy or stupid!  We also hoped we were going to be able to get by with one coat of paint.  Umm, yeah, not so much.  We finished painting about 3:00 on Friday.
Saturday we were able to move all the furniture back, get the switch plates back on the walls, etc.
And here is the new color—rain drop!  I haven’t hung any pictures back up yet.  Now that the holes are all patched and the wall are all painted, I don’t want to hang anything up until I am certain where I want to put stuff.
And check out my corner lines….
Oh yeah baby!! Those are some nice corner lines.  No bleeding there.  Yes, that does make me really happy.  🙂

Now, I have to figure out where to hang the pictures and we have to get the new blinds for the windows.  And, unfortunately, the office has three brown walls and one red…and I want to repaint.  Yes, there is more priming in my future.  But it’s going to be a while.  I just don’t want to see another can of paint or roll of “Scotch blue” for a little bit.

Oh, and E wants his room painted.  And C NEEDS his room painted.  And all the doors need to be painted….I guess I know what I’m doing in a few weeks when the kids go back to school.

Tomorrow, we are back to recipes!

Blessings friends!


One thought on “Goodbye chocolate! Hello rain drop!!!

  1. I painted my living room two years ago and STILL haven't hung a picture because I'm afraid to make a hole and regret it later! I love the color change…looks so bright in there now!

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