I gotta get my act together

The kids go back to school in three weeks.  Which means in three weeks I will start getting calls to substitute up at the school.  And while I do have the freedom to decline jobs that also means I decline getting paid.  So I really, really, really, need to tackle some projects that I had told myself I would get done this summer.  And of course, I have NOT gotten said projects done.  What is up with that?

I don’t think of myself as a procrastinator.  In fact, if anything, I am the person that tries to get as much done in advance as I possibly can.  So why, when it comes to projects during the summer, is it so easy to put it off until I am practically out of time? 

And I always start out with such good intentions.  I make lists.  I make plans.  I consider options.  But I don’t actually do that thing that needs to be done.  Let me give you some examples. 

We have a closet over by our laundry room.  I have been planning for months to empty it out, reorganize it and store all my craft stuff in it.  I avoid looking at the door every time I walk by it. 

I NEED, not want, NEED to get in E’s room and finish organizing it and get some stuff out of his room in preparation for the painting that will be occurring in there soon. 

And don’t even look in our “home office” which is actually our “home storage/dumping area”  Looking at this room makes me understand (a little bit) how hoarders slip down the slippery slope.

I have registered for the fall consignment sale that I participate it twice a year.  I have most of my stuff that I am consigning already gathered up in one place.  But I have yet to start entering the items in the computer or getting anything tagged.  Despite the fact that after the spring sale I swore I would not wait til the last weekend like I did last time.  Yeah, I’m a bit liar. 

And what is really puzzling to me—it’s not like I am avoiding these projects to lay by the pool or read a book.  No, I avoid these projects and clean house, or mow grass, or peruse Pinterest (OK, maybe that what is more procrastination) but what is that?

So…here’s what I’m gonna do to motivate myself.  I am committing to 2 projects a week and I have to write about it on here for accountability. 

Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do—-unless I start avoiding my blog, or kill 4 hours on Pinterest. 

Blessings friends!


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