Starting to look finished!

Yes, it has taken me almost 3 weeks to get some of my stuff back up on the living room walls.  There were a lot of reasons why it took almost 3 weeks but (to protect the innocent and not so innocent) I won’t go into any of those reasons. 

What is important is that I did get some things hung up and I have pics to prove it!

so this is the entry way of our house.  That’s my front door as you can see….

This is that wall you see on the left in the above pic.  This is not what use to be on this wall but these things were in the living room. 

This is behind the front door.  It is little hooks that I hang guests’ coats and purses on..  It used to be on the wall opposite, which is right in the opening of the door.  I decided to move it behind the door so that it doesn’t get in the way when people are coming and going

This is the wall opposite the mirrors.  I have plans to repaint this table.  We’ve had it for years and I am ready to change it.  I have an idea that I found on pinterest, but I have to wait until it gets cooler here and I can work in the garage.

OK, this is the wall that you see as soon as you walk in our front door.  I know the light is awful but that is what happens when you take a picture of a wall full of windows.  As you can see there is nothing on these windows right now.  I don’t know what I am going to do here yet.  The Mr. wants to put up white wood blinds.  Maybe, but I think I still need some kind of curtains (even if they are just decorative and don’t actually cover the windows) to add softness and color.  Since there are two acres between us and our backyard neighbor, I’m not feeling pressured to figure it out.
This is the wall between the front door and the windows.  This picture showed me that the TV was off center, so I have since moved it to the right.  The framed pics are G Kid originals.  E drew the pic on the left, of his cat.  C painted the one on the right “G 4 V R”  I need to hang something in the middle.  My idea is to hang a framed wreath here.  I have some frames made of reclaimed wood that I got at an estate sale, there is no glass in them.  This is kind of what I am thinking of…..
Framed Spring Wreath
Up next, this is the wall, opposite the windows,  this is where our framed family pics will go.  We just had some new pics taken of the boys last week.  I am waiting until I get the new pics so that I can figure out a gallery layout for this wall.
I also plan to repaint/redo this buffet to match the table over in the entry way.
This is just to the left of the buffet in the previous pic.  The opening leads to the guest bath, the laundry room, and the garage.
This is the chalkboard that I mentioned yesterday.  This was a poster frame that used to be in E’s room.  It fell one day and the glass broke.  So, rather than getting the glass replaced, I decided to use chalkboard paint on the back of the frame.  This is going to be where I post the dinner menu, stuff we have going on this week, etc.  You know the funny part?  I don’t have any chalk! LOL, I was going to write something on here taking the pic but I found out that my extensive art and craft supply did not include chalk! 

And this is the door to our garage, i.e. how we get in and out of our house.  I painted it black about six months ago but I don’t think I ever posted a pic.  I LOVE it!!! It used to be white and I was forever having to wipe it clean. 
And finally, here are a few pics that I took with my phone while the kids were getting their pics taken.  The two extra kids?  That’s my niece and nephew.  We had pics taken of the four of them for the grandparents’ Christmas. 

I think they are going to come out pretty cute.  Can’t wait to see the final results!
Blessings friends!

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