4 more days til the fair

Well, technically that’s not true.  The fair itself starts tomorrow but the first day for drop off of baked items is Monday.  Cakes….that’s what is being judged on Monday.  There are 13 categories in “Cakes.” 

. Chocolate Cake-layered, frosted
2. Chocolate Sheet Cake-frosted
3. Pound Cake, unfrosted, unglazed
4. Pound Cake-frosted or glazed, with nuts or fruit
5. Yellow Cake-layered, frosted
6. Any cake containing fruit in the batter (example:
Fruit Cocktail, Dates, Plums, Pears, Etc.)
7. Any cake containing nuts in the batter
8. Spiced Cake-layered, frosted
9. Italian Cream Cake
10. Coconut Cake-any cake with coconut in the batter
11. German Chocolate
12. Any cake with vegetables added to the batter (ex.
Sauerkraut, Carrots, Pinto Beans, Etc.)
13. Any cake from a mix


That’s alot of cake!  I have a recipe that I have chosen to enter for each category, but I haven’t decided if I will actually bake an entry for each category.  I’ve got 5 cakes for sure.  

I’ve already made, and frozen, 4 batches of cookie dough (that’s next Friday).  

1.  Sugar Cookies
2. Oatmeal Cookies
3. Peanut Butter Cookies
4. Brownies – Chocolate
5. Bar Cookies
6. Chocolate Chip Cookies
7. Almond Cookies
8. Pecan Cookies
9. Molasses Cookies

I’ve got my peanut butter, chocolate chip, sugar and oatmeal doughs made.  I know I will also do brownies but I think that is it for the cookies. If you want the recipe, click on the links up there.  They are good—I hope they win!

I’m not entering any pies because I have already committed to subbing on the day they are due.  

Breads are due on Wednesday.  There are 13 categories in there too.  

. Yeast, White Loaf (plain)
2. Yeast, Whole Wheat Loaf (no white flour and plain)
3. Yeast, other kind of loaf (NO MONKEY BREAD)

4. Yeast, Pull Apart (any shape)
5. Yeast, Dinner Roll
6. Yeast, Coffee Cake
7. Cornbread (6 pieces or muffins) (plain)
8. Cornbread (6 pieces or muffins) Other: such as Sausage,
Cheese, Bacon
9. Non-yeast Muffins (6)
10. Non-yeast, Fruit Bread

I have recipes for all of those too but again, not sure how many I will actually bake.  
11. Non-yeast, other kind of loaf (no fruit bread)
12. Biscuits (6 non-yeast) (plain)
13. Biscuits (6 non-yeast) Other, such as Sausage,
Cheese, Bacon

I’ll post the cake and bread recipes for you when I finalize what I’m baking and what recipes I’m using.  

Oh! And the boys are supposed to be baking some cookies for the fair too.  Their entries have to be turned in by Saturday.  I’ll post their recipes and results as soon as I have them.  

Blessings friends,




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