How being organized keeps me sane, sort of…

After I dropped the boys off at school I headed to the grocery stores (yes, plural).  Albertsons is not my weekly grocery store.  But they do have some good sale prices.  And when they have those good prices I swing in and pick up some things.  For example, this week eggs are 99 cents.  We go through ALOT of eggs in this house so I picked up 3 dozen.  I also picked up 4 jars of peanut butter, which we also use alot of in this house.  I got a few other things on sale, loaded up my bags and headed to my regular grocery store.

At this store I got my usual staples for the week, fruit, veggies, etc.

Then on the way home, I swooped into Sams to grab cheddar and mozzarella cheese, milk, mini carrots, and spinach.

Then home I went.  I then spent 2 1/2 hours separating, washing, chopping, bagging, and labeling stuff to put in the freezer and fridge.  The cheeses were in 5 lb bags that I broke down into 1/2 lb ziplocs.  These all went in the freezer.  Mini carrots and broccoli—snack size ziplocs bagged for lunches for next week.  The rest of the large bags were dumped into big ziplocs to use throughout the week for salads, snacks, etc.  Two roasts bagged individually–one with pepprocini (get the recipe here) and one with veggies and the seasonings (get the recipe here) I also packed up two packages of pork chops with 4 chops in each package.  I washed and chopped all my veggies for salads this week.  I washed the fruit and prepped for this week.

school 2013 006 school 2013 007 school 2013 008


That last pic up there? That is the top of my freezer in my garage.  I write down everything that is in the freezer and as stuff is taken out it gets erased from the inventory.  This way I know what is in there and what I need to buy or make.

I tried out the grapes with the jello powder for the first time.  (find it on Pinterest here).  We’ll see if E likes these or not.

school 2013 004

I have a large pot of spaghetti sauce simmering that I am going to put in jars and freeze.

school 2013 005



E asked for mac and cheese for lunch next week.  I got two boxes of Annies when I was at the store and made those then put up in individual servings for lunches.  Then I got all the stuff for lunches ready.  This stuff should last a week for sure,  maybe two.

school 2013 001 school 2013 002 school 2013 003


So why am I getting all this ready?  A couple of reasons.  1) having all the lunch stuff ready makes packing lunches soooo much easier and makes me hate it much less.  I love being able to just grab stuff out of the little baskets, toss them in the lunch box and I’m done!  LOVE IT!!! 2) next week I am beginning a 3 week subbing job.  Having suppers in the freezer that I can just throw in the crock pot or warm up is the key to success when I am out of the house all day.  Otherwise, we get home at the end of the day and play the “what are we going to have for supper?” game.  And more often then not, we end up with take out which is not the best health choice and costs money.  Prep is cheaper, easier, and better.

Yes, this takes time (like I said, it took me about two hours to get everything done) but I am going to save so much time, and more importantly aggravation, by having all of this done ahead of time and ready to go when we need it.  If you do nothing else, I cannot recommend the lunch prep enough.  I have said many, many times how much I hate packing lunches but doing this prep has made it so, so, so much better.  Really, if you hate packing lunches too, you must try this.  I think you will be a convert too.

Blessings friends!



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