a.k.a. My purse.

It is a sucking black hole.  It doesn’t matter how many pockets there are inside it or how I tuck my stuff into said pockets.  Somehow I always end up digging and digging and searching through my purse to find my keys or my cell phone.

Here’s my purse (or the one I was carrying until about 10 minutes after this pic)


Cute huh?  It’s one of my summer purses.  And if it weren’t for the whole black hole phenomena I would love it.

Here’s some pics of the inside….



And here’s a look at what was inside….


This morning, on my way home from dropping off the kids, as I dug through the pit to find my cell phone I decided that I was going to come up with something to fix this problem.  Now, this may not be the final solution, but this is what I came up with, using what I had available.


I had a couple of these little pouches that I thought I could repurpose.  There are actually reusable sandwich/snack pouches that I had ordered from a fundraiser a couple of years ago and I still hadn’t used them.  So now they are purse organizers! At least for now.


This one is holding my wallets.  I don’t carry a check book with me so one little wallet for loyalty cards and the other for my cash and driver’s license fit perfectly in here.

Then in this one…


I put my lip gloss, nail file, lotion, advil, etc.


Then this little pouch is going to be the holder of my cell phone


which I couldn’t take a pic of because, well, I was using my cell to take these pics.

Here’s the “new” purse with the new organization method employed…



school 2013 029


So that’s it!  At least until I find a better method to keep myself organized—-or until I start to feel like it has become another pit!

Blessings friends,



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