A fat little pig

Back in January, amid the avalanche of articles about how to organize your life, lose weight, save money, etc, I read an article about a saving idea.  I don’t even remember where I read it or what else it said, but this stuck with me.

Don’t spend a $5 bill, save it.  Every time you get a $5 bill put it in an envelope, a bank, a jar, whatever…but save it.  You’ll be amazed by how much money you will save by the end of the year.

This stuck with me and seemed like a good idea.  I had a friend who saved every dime she and her husband came across.  Each and every dime got put in a bank.  Eventually, the dimes were put in a savings account, and then a CD, and then a mutual fund. That’s how they paid for their daughter’s college education!  Isn’t that awesome?

So, I told the Mr. about it and we started saving $5 bills.  And look what happened….

school 2013 030


The little piggy got FAT!

school 2013 031


It was time for him to go on a diet.

school 2013 033


Guess how much money little piggy was holding…go ahead and guess…Mr. G guessed $150. Buuuut, he was soooo wrong!

Little piggy was holding…..$350!!!!!  Isn’t that awesome!?  Just from $5 bills we had been tucking away since mid-January.

So, since I had counted it all out, I went ahead and took it to the bank to deposit it in my savings account.  Might as well earn a little bit of interest on it.

Now look at poor little piggy….

school 2013 032


He STARVING!!!! I wonder how much I can stuff in him by the end of the year?  I’ll let you know…

Blessings friends!



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