The day a kid tried to throw a chair at me

So I’m smack dab in the middle of this extended subbing gig.  It’s been going pretty well.  You know as well as something can go when you hate to wake up, get dressed, and go anywhere by a certain time every morning.  But ya’ know, we all have are burdens to carry.  

Anyway, all has been going well.  No major incidents or problems, until today.  Now it is important that you get a picture of this…

This little boy is small, I mean he is easily 6 inches shorter than everyone else in the class.  He is so pale he is practically see through and he wears glasses.  Got a picture in your head?  OK, here we go.  I’m teaching the math lesson and he doesn’t like what the kids have to do in the lesson.  So he starts whining.  I ignore him and keep on going.  He starts crying.  I continue to ignore him and continue with the lesson.  Because that is what we are taught right?  Ignore the negative behavior and it will extinguish itself.  Ummm, not yet…..

When the crying didn’t work he began huffing and puffing then snapped his pencil in half and threw it towards me.  And then, to make sure I realized that he meant to throw it at me he quickly followed it up by throwing his pen at me.  I just kept on talking and teaching and bent down to pick up the pencil and pen and put it on the table next to me.  Apparently he didn’t like or want that response and that’s when he stood up and attempted to throw his chair at me.  Now, since little man probably weighs 50 pounds soaking wet with clothes and shoes on, if that, the chair didn’t really get very far.  It was at this point that I sent a kiddo next door to get the other teacher.  

I picked up the chair and kept on teaching, which also seemed to tick him off so he tried to turn his desk over.  I grabbed it before he got it over, pushed it up against the teacher’s desk and kept on going.  The other teacher came in at this point.  She tried to talk to him and get him to walk out of the classroom with her—he was having none of that.  So, she ended up escorting him out of the room and taking him to the special ed classroom where he spent the remainder of the day.  

I can honestly say that in 20 years of teaching I have never had a kid flip out like this.  I’ve never had a chair thrown at me before!  Craziness!

Blessings friends,



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