I forgot the toilet paper!!!!

1st:  I absolutely did not forget that I promised you a step by step breakdown of the curtains.  I have it all typed up and ready to publish WITH PICTURES!!! But, the Mr has not HUNG the curtains yet!!! And I just feel that a picture of the finished product is a MUST.  So I will post that tomorrow morning.  

Since I am not publishing the curtain  process I am instead sharing a peek into my mind.

 I like everything to have a place and everything to be in its place.  Once a week, I scroll through all my recipes (many of which you can find on my Pinterest boards here), plan my menu for the next week and write out my grocery list.  I take great care to go through each recipe and make sure I either have, or put on the grocery list, each item I will need.  When I have lots of errands to do I make a list of each place I need to go.  Don’t want anything getting lost in the shuffle of my brain!

And boy did I have a list!  I had to go to the grocery store (list in hand), the bank, Target, the fabric store, the post office, Sam’s, and Hobby Lobby.  And I really wanted a pedicure.  I decided to head to the nail salon first.  That took a little longer then planned—but boy was it worth it, what a fabulous foot massage!!!! And my toes are super cute and trendy sparkly grey right now.  OK, back to the errands.  After the nail salon I headed to the bank and Target.  Then I swung over to the fabric store.  Hmm, just enough time to get the grocery store in and get the groceries home before I had to get the kids.  So off to the market I went.  Wow! that went fast!!! Run by the post office and zoom home.  Put away groceries, peel potatoes and get them boiling, get the clean sheets out of the dryer and put back on the bed, start the towels to wash, mash the potatoes and put them in the oven to stay warm, grab a snack for the little kid and head out to pick the boys up.  Got the kids–head to the barbershop, then pick up my contact lenses, run my my mother in law’s and then home to finish supper. Whew!  I am so awesome!!! Yeah, I didn’t get to Sams or Hobby Lobby but I’ll just bump that back to tomorrow.  Look at all I got done!  

Oopps!  I forgot to buy the toilet paper!!! It wasn’t on THE LIST!!!! Maybe I can find a stray roll in the bottom of the boys’ bathroom cabinet.  We can get by ’til I head back out tomorrow. I’d better start a list—with toilet paper at the top! 🙂

Blessings friends,



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