About that chalkboard

A couple of months ago, I mentioned that I had taken an old poster frame and turned it into a chalkboard.  I had hung it in the hallway next to the garage door (i.e. our main entrance and exit).

On this chalkboard, I post our weekly menu and Bible thought for the week.  The problem?  My chalk board was lousy!  It wouldn’t erase and looked all smeary.  Ugh!  I hated it.

Yesterday I decided it was time to fix it.  I started by wiping off the menu.  I took it out of the frame and then gave it a coat of plain black spray paint—-not chalkboard paint—-just plain black spray paint.  Gave it a good coat of that and let it dry.  Then, I gave it a coat of chalkboard paint. Obviously, this was a project meant to be, because the can was almost empty but I had just enough to give it a final coat.  I let that dry.

Then I popped it back into the frame and got out my chalk.


It looks really good, right now anyway.  The real test is going to be this weekend when it comes time to erase it and write up the stuff for next week.

Blessings friends,



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