Let’s make some curtains!

OK, I promise this is not difficult.  If you can sew a straight line you can do this.  Really, I am not a talented, experienced seamstress.

OK, step 1.  I started with a set of panels that we already made.  It happened that I already had two navy, tab top panels that were too short for the bedroom windows.  I decided to modify these to fit C’s windows.

I wanted to add my fabric to the middle of the panel, and keep the nicely finished, pre-made hem.   So, I went up about 9 inches from the bottom of each panel and then cut across.


Then I took the bottom part of the navy panel and matched up the cut end of the navy panel with the end of the fabric I was adding in –i.e. the red chevron fabric, be sure to place right sides together.


I centered the navy piece in the red chevron.  Then I folded in the excess of the red fabric on each side to make the side hems.  Pin along the way.


After I pinned the side hems, I pinned the cut edge of the blue to the red.  Now sew!  I sewed the cut edge seam across first.  Then I sewed the side hems.  Be careful of your pins!!!! Remove them before they go under your needle.  If your needle hits a pin…you are going to need a new needle.

OK, you’re 1/3 of the way there!   Now you gotta do possibly the most important, most often ignored by beginning sewers, IRON!!!!  You MUST iron your seams open and flat.  I promise this is essential!!! I know someone is reading this and thinking “oh, I’ll just skip that step.”  Trust me, your final product won’t look as good, it won’t lay right, and you won’t be happy with it.  Iron it!


OK, look at that seam there where the red and blue join.  See how the right side of the hem is open and flat?  And the left is closed and kind of sticking out?  You want it to be open and flat.  You are going to open it up and run your iron down the open hem.


Then flip it over and iron over the seam on the front side.


You’re doing great!  This next part is up to you…My panels were tab tops and I wanted them to be back tabbed.  So all I did was fold the tabs back, pinned them down, and then ran a hem across to hold them in place.  And of course I then ironed them.  This is what the tabs look like on the rod.


After you sew the tabs in place, or don’t—up to you, then you need to pin the right sides together of the top of the navy panel to the red chevron.  This is the same thing you did when you put the bottom part of the navy together with the red fabric.  Once you get it pinned, sew it up, then iron that hem open.  Then you need to iron the whole panel.  You don’t want to hang wrinkled curtains after you did all this work, right?


That is how I handle big items like curtains that need to be ironed.  Put your board close enough to a chair or table that you can drape the already ironed sections over.

Here’s the final product!

October 2013 010

October 2013 011


October 2013 013


We painted his room on Friday, moved the furniture around and changed up the stuff on the walls to reflect his current interests and age.  And, I revamped the curtains.  🙂  This was part of his 14th birthday gift.

Blessings friends,



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