I was lucky enough to hear about the garland exchange over at It’s Just Emmy during the registration period.  I missed out on the hoop exchange!  Anyway, Emmy and her family are raising money for adoption and she was sponsoring this exchange.  I was given the name and address of another participant.  I made her a garland that was at least 6 feet long and sent if off to her.  AND, someone got my name and sent me a garland.  Actually, the lovely Cheri Busboom sent me two darling paper garlands that she made.  Check them out…

(I snagged that pic off Cheri’s Instagram since I didn’t have a pic of the garlands on my computer)  Anyway, are they cute?  Mason jars!!! How perfect!!!

Here are some pics of the garlands I made


The fall garland above is the one that I made for my partner.  I didn’t get much info so I really struggled with what to make.  Finally I decided to go seasonal and make a shabby fall garland.  I used several fall fabrics that I cut into strips.  Then I tied them on to ribbon that I had cut a little over 6 feet long.  I was really happy with how it came out.  I hope she is too!


This cute pink one was a donation to Emmy and the adoption fund.  She asked the participants if they would be willing to make an extra garland for her to sell to raise additional funds.  I sent this one along to her for the cause.  I loved all the pinks in this one.  I think it would be so cute in a little girl’s room.

I made a couple of Christmas garlands like this a while back.  But I can’t remember exactly when I made them and I have searched and searched my blog archives and can’t find a pic of them.  Sorry, when I haul out the decorations this year, I will try and remember to take a new pic.

Blessings friends!



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