gallery wall

When we repainted the living room a couple of months ago, we obviously had to take everything off the walls.  I did not immediately hang the pictures back up because we had just had some new pics taken of the boys and wanted to add those in so had to wait until I had them printed.  

Once I had all the pics/frames, I laid them out on the living room floor and moved them around until I settled on a layout that I liked.  Then I started by hanging the pic in the middle first.  Once that one was up, I worked my way out.  


October 2013 019 October 2013 018


I have to tell you, once I got them all up on the wall, I didn’t like it.  I was soooo tempted to take them all down and start over.  What stopped me was all the holes that I would then have to patch and repaint.  So, I decided to wait until Mr. G got home and ask him what he thought.  He liked it and said he thought it looked good.  He recommended leaving the wall alone for a couple of weeks and see if it grew on me.  It did.  So it stayed.  Of course the next time we have pics taken I’ll probably have to reorganize it all again.   🙂

Blessings friends, 





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