I HATE being sick

Last Thursday, I was clicking right along.  I worked out.  Did all my chores.  Had lunch and was working on repairing a quilt.  Then I started feeling hot.  And dizzy.  And sick—like I was going to throw up.  And it got worse, and worse, and worse….

Friday wasn’t much better, except that I didn’t want to throw up anymore.  Saturday, Sunday…same lousy feeling.  This morning, still icky.  Dizziness is the worst.  Where you just feel constantly off balance, like you’re going to swoon or fall over, or pass out.  Ugh….I don’t do incapacitated well.  As I’m laying on the sofa, wishing and praying my head would stop spinning, I’m thinking about how much I would like to be able to work out, or fix supper, or run the vacuum.  Yes, I know that sounds nuts.  But I did.  Finally, this evening, I feel like I can stand up and that my brain isn’t trying to fall out of my head.  Thank you God!!!! 

So, if I feel as good tomorrow as I do this evening, I will have some craft pics to post.  

Blessings friends,



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