Halloween goodies for school!

2 more days til Halloween! 

I had planned to break out some Pinterest ideas for treats to send up to the little boy’s school but then found out otherwise.  The school only allows two parties a year (Christmas and Valentine’s) and teachers are not allowed to hand out “treats” to kids.  😦 But I spoke to E’s teacher and she said that I could send pencils or some other non-food item.  



So off to the dollar store I went.  I found erasers, pencils, and glow bracelets.  

I also found some little plastic treat bags with candy corn printed on them.  Of course, the pencils and glow bracelets were a little too long for the bags!  Soooooo… I thought that I would get some colored baker’s twine to tie the pencils together but then I found some tobacco colored yarn.  Hmmm…twine for $6 or yarn for 30 cents?  I think I’ll go with the yarn!




For the tags, I cut 2 12×12 pieces of orange card stock into 2×3 strips.  Cut the ends with shaped scissors.  Used a Halloween stamp for the graphic and then free handed “spooky” letters to say “happy Halloween!”   








Then I just tied the tag to the baggies, which gave the added benefit of tying the pencils and bracelets together so that they were less likely to slip out of the bags.  **NOTE:  3 glow bracelets were sacrificed during this process.  They were inadvertently “popped” while being tied and bagged.  So, make sure you have some extras!

Then, I got a little something together to send to E’s teacher.  




This was simple!  I already had the hand sanitizer and wipes on hand.  I used some glue dots to stick the bottles together back to back.  Ran a simple ribbon around then and added the cute tag.  I love a teacher gift that can be put to good use!  Do

On a separate note, I know I have been missing around here.  I am still not feeling well.  It is a long story, and you don’t come here to hear me whine.  😦  But, I am feeling a little better each day and I am posting as much as I can as often as I can.  

Blessings friends!



2 thoughts on “Halloween goodies for school!

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