I’m not sure this makes sense

Tell me if you do this too….when Mr. G is out of town, I don’t cook supper.  I feed the children a combination of leftovers, frozen food, and ramen noodles.  (don’t judge!  The LOVE those noodles!)  

Well, Mr. G is either at a dinner meeting or out of town everyday next week.  So, no cooking for me!!! Right now, the plan is to clear out some freezer meals—this provides the children the illusion that mom has cooked for them when in reality I made it days/weeks ago and just stuck it in the freezer.  Gotta love a freezer meal.  

I’m not sure why I don’t cook when Mr. G is gone.  One person from our family of four is gone, there are still three of us here after all! But, I just don’t do it.  We are free wheelin’ over here when the daddy is gone.  Truthfully, I could just eat cereal or popcorn for supper but the kids don’t go for that.  So freezer meals it is!  

And maybe Ramen,

Blessings friends,



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