The family schedule

Look at this….


And we aren’t even 1/2 way through the month.  In fact, right after I took this pic I got an email of another event I needed to add to this month.

This is what December looks like so far….


How do you keep track of appointments, dates, events, etc?

My method has evolved over time.  Until about 4 years ago, I toted a calendar/planner with me and logged all appointments, events, etc.  I LOVED my yearly planner!  Then I got a Blackberry and started using it to keep my calendar.  Once I started doing that, I loved it even more.  The main reason I liked it so much is because it is about 99.9% certain that I will have my phone with me but it was possible that I might not have my planner.  So, I made the conversion to smart phone calendar rather than planner.

The last three years I’ve had the iphone.  I still really like keeping my calendar on my phone.  Why?  1) as I said, I just about ALWAYS have my phone with  me. 2) I don’t have to worry about having a “new” calendar for the next year.  I can just scroll up and log events into 2014 as I need to.  This is especially useful when scheduling things like 6 month dental cleanings, annual doctor appointments.  etc.  3)  I don’t have to keep up with appointment cards. (this relates to #2 also)  So many times, I wouldn’t have my calendar or the date of the appointment was in the next year so I would have to keep up with the appointment card until I could get the event written in my calendar.  OF COURSE cards got lost!  So frustrating!!! 4) I also like that I can go back and look at past appointments without having to keep and store old calendars.

One caveat on the iphone calendar—I am not in love with the new version of the calendar that came with the latest ios update.  I liked the old version better.

I also maintain the above calendar on our fridge.  This is so that everyone can see what we have scheduled and upcoming.  And if you think your kids don’t pay attention to what’s going on, just put up a calendar and wait for them to start asking questions about things you write on there!

As you can see from a glance at our calendar, our days tend to fill up fast.  Because of that, one of my pet peeves is to be notified of something last minute.  The earlier that school, work, church, friends, family can let me know about an upcoming event or request the better!  I would far rather find out the date for the class field trip 2 months early than a week before the event.  If I know early I will put it on my calendar and plan around it.  If I find out later/close to the date, chances are good that I have already scheduled something that will cause a conflict.

As soon as I get notice of an event, I put it on the calendar.  Doctor/dentist appointment?  Don’t give me a card, I’ll just put it in my phone.  Email with dates/times I need to remember?  Put it in the phone right then.  Haven’t heard about an event that I know is coming up?  I will contact the person in charge and inquire what the date and time will be so that I can block out the time.

What do you use to keep track of your and your family’s schedule?

I’m always open to new and better ideas!

Blessings friends,



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