My Christmas cookie list

Most years I spend an entire weekend baking dozens and dozens of cookies to (a) have for our enjoyment and (b) to package up to give to friends and family for Christmas.  Last year I didn’t do this, and I missed it.  But, it is ALOT of work.  And by the end, I am actually exhausted and grouchy—and I still have to clean up!  So, after prepping for the fair baking this year, and making my dough and freezing it, I have decided to do the same for Christmas cookies this year.  I am going to mix up my different doughs and then freeze them to bake in a few weeks.  

Additionally, I have so many cookie recipes that I’ve been wanting to try and haven’t.  Christmas seems like a great chance to try some new recipes.  So, this is what I have decided on so far….


chewy ginger cookies

chewy sugar cookies

chocolate chip espresso shortbread

German chocolate pecan pie bars

mixed fruit and nut cookies (I am going to use dried cranberries and chopped pecans)



Those are the ones that I am making from Pinterest.  I will also make a few that are traditional for our family and I will post those recipes later.  If you’d like to check out my Pinterest cookie board, you can look at it here.  Pinterest Cookie Board




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