The Elf will be here soon!




Do you have an Elf on the Shelf?  We’ve had our elf, Jack, for two years now.  And his arrival is much anticipated by E.  He has said several times that he can’t wait for Thanksgiving because that means Jack will be coming!  Well, after two years of the elf, I have decided that I needed to have a plan.  You know, so that the elf doesn’t forget to move one day.  Not that it would happen in our house!  LOL

So, I have gone through all the elf ideas that I have pinned over the last year or more and came up with a calendar for Jack.  The problem?  I have all these cute pics in it and I can’t get it to publish here on the blog!  Sometimes technology is such a pain in the tinsel!

Because I can’t get it to work, here is the best I can do, a text list of the ideas, and then I will provide links for you to check out visual ideas.

1. Arrival, the elf is going to bring breakfast for the kids

2.  Elf will be hiding along the top of our family rules sign

3.  Jack the elf will pack the kids’ lunches

4.  Jack will be hiding in the car

5.  Jack is going to graffiti some family pics

6.  Jack will color the milk and be eating a breakfast full of sweets

7.  Jack is going to trap the kids in their rooms with crepe paper

8.  Jack decorated with glowsticks

9.  Jack taped to the walls

10.  Jack brings some jokes for the boys

11.  Jack will be hanging on the key hooks

12.  Jack is going to spray snow the pantry door

13.  Toys are going to take Jack hostage

14.  Jack will have a countdown til Christmas

15.  Jack is feeling under the weather.

16.  Jack and his Lego twin

17.  Jack is playing with Star Wars figures

18.  Jack is texting

19.  Jack is taking a shower

20.  Jack makes Christmas waffles

21.  Jack celebrates the first day of Christmas break

22.  Jack takes some Elfie Selfies

23.  Jack sets up a scavenger hunt for the kids

24.  Jack uses legos to leave a message

25.  Jack hides in the silverware drawer

26.  Jack leaves a note and a package on Christmas eve to tell kids good bye

NOTE:  Our elf arrives the day after Thanksgiving, that’s why I have 26 days here.

You can find dozens and dozens more ideas and pics at my Pinterest Elf Mischief board.


One thought on “The Elf will be here soon!

  1. I love this! Great ideas where to put him! I finally got my own elf on the shelf but I don’t have any children around anymore! He will just sit in one spot where I can enjoy him! Visiting from Treasure Hunt Thursday

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